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  • Mã sản phẩm: ALLOY RIM 36H
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • ALLOY RIM Racing Boy alloy rim is engineered from a special formula of high-grade 7116 aluminium alloy for better strength and durability. These high-strength rims help to improve the grip, bike's stability and enhance the handling of your bike.
Thông tin sản phẩm



01R0025A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 BLUE

01R0025B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 BLACK

01R0025C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 GREEN

01R0025D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 CHROME

01R0025E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 COPPER

01R0025G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 GOLD

01R0025O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 ORANGE

01R0025P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 PURPLE

01R0025R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 RED

01R0025S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 SILVER

01R0025T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17

01R0025Y             ALLOY RIM (36H) 120*17 YELLOW

01R0026A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 BLUE

01R0026B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 BLACK

01R0026D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 CHROME

01R0026E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 COPPER

01R0026G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 GOLD

01R0026O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 ORANGE

01R0026P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 PURPLE

01R0026R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 RED

01R0026S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 SILVER

01R0026T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17

01R0026Y             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 YELLOW

01R0031A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 BLUE

01R0031B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 BLACK

01R0031C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 GREEN

01R0031D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 CHROME

01R0031E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 COPPER

01R0031G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 GOLD

01R0031O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 ORANGE

01R0031P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 PURPLE

01R0031R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 RED

01R0031S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 SILVER

01R0031T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18

01R0031Y             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 YELLOW

01R0023B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*16 BLACK

01R0023G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*16 GOLD

01R0023S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*16 SILVER

01R0023T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*16

01R0027A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 BLUE

01R0027B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 BLACK

01R0027D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 CHROME

01R0027E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 COPPER

01R0027G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 GOLD

01R0027O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 ORANGE

01R0027P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 PURPLE

01R0027R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 RED

01R0027S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 SILVER

01R0027T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17

01R0027Y             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 YELLOW

01R0024B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*16 BLACK

01R0024G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*16 GOLD

01R0024S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*16 SILVER

01R0024T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*16

01R0032A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 BLUE

01R0032B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 BLACK

01R0032C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 GREEN

01R0032D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 CHROME

01R0032E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 COPPER

01R0032G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 GOLD

01R0032O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 ORANGE

01R0032P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 PURPLE

01R0032R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 RED

01R0032S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 SILVER

01R0032T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18

01R0037B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*14 BLACK

01R0037G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*14 GOLD

01R0037S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*14 SILVER

01R0028A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 BLUE

01R0028B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 BLACK

01R0028D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 CHROME

01R0028E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 COPPER

01R0028G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 GOLD

01R0028O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 ORANGE

01R0028P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 PURPLE

01R0028R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 RED

01R0028S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 SILVER

01R0028T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17

01R0028Y             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 YELLOW

01R0039B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*16 BLACK

01R0039G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*16 GOLD

01R0039S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*16 SILVER

01R0033A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 BLUE

01R0033B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 BLACK

01R0033C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 GREEN

01R0033D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 CHROME

01R0033E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 COPPER

01R0033G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 GOLD

01R0033O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 ORANGE

01R0033P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 PURPLE

01R0033R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 RED

01R0033S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 SILVER

01R0033T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18

01R0038B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*14  BLACK

01R0038G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*14 GOLD

01R0038S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*14 SILVER

01R0044B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*19 BLACK

01R0044G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*19 GOLD

01R0044S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*19 SILVER

01R0029A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 BLUE

01R0029B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 BLACK

01R0029C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 GREEN

01R0029D            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 CHROME

01R0029E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 COPPER

01R0029G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 GOLD

01R0029O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 ORANGE

01R0029P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 PURPLE

01R0029R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 RED

01R0029S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17 SILVER

01R0029T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*17

01R0040B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*19 BLACK

01R0040G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*19 GOLD

01R0040S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*19 SILVER

01R0034A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 BLUE

01R0034B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 BLACK

01R0034C             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 GREEN

01R0034E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 COPPER

01R0034G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 GOLD

01R0034O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 ORANGE

01R0034P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 PURPLE

01R0034R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 RED

01R0034S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18 SILVER

01R0034T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 215*18

01R0036B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*21 BLACK

01R0036G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*21 GOLD

01R0036O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*21 ORANGE

01R0036S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*21 SILVER

01R0041B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*21 BLACK

01R0041G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*21 GOLD

01R0041S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*21 SILVER

01R0030A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 BLUE

01R0030B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 BLACK

01R0030E             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 COPPER

01R0030G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 GOLD

01R0030O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 ORANGE

01R0030R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 RED

01R0030S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 SILVER

01R0030T             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17

01R0030P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*17 PURPLE

01R0035B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*18 BLACK

01R0035G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*18 GOLD

01R0035S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*18 SILVER

01R0048B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*12 BLACK

01R0048G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*12 GOLD

01R0048O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*12 ORANGE

01R0048S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 250*12 SILVER

01R0042A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 BLUE

01R0042B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 BLACK

01R0042G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 GOLD

01R0042O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 ORANGE

01R0042R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 RED

01R0042S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 SILVER

01R0042P             ALLOY RIM (36H) 300*17 PURPLE

01R0043A            ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 BLUE

01R0043B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 BLACK

01R0043G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 GOLD

01R0043O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 ORANGE

01R0043R             ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 RED

01R0043S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 350*17 SILVER

01R0045B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 425*17 BLACK

01R0045G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 425*17 GOLD

01R0045O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 425*17 ORANGE

01R0045S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 425*17 SILVER

01R0047B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 450*17 BLACK

01R0047G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 450*17 GOLD

01R0047O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 450*17 ORANGE

01R0047S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 450*17 SILVER

01R0046B             ALLOY RIM (36H) 500*17 BLACK

01R0046G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 500*17 GOLD

01R0046O            ALLOY RIM (36H) 500*17 ORANGE

01R0046S             ALLOY RIM (36H) 500*17 SILVER

01R0112G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 THAI GOLD

01R0113G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*17 THAI GOLD

01R0114G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*17 THAI GOLD

01R0115G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*18 THAI GOLD

01R0116G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 160*18 THAI GOLD

01R0117G            ALLOY RIM (36H) 185*18 THAI GOLD

01R0026U            ALLOY RIM (36H) 140*17 DARK BLUE



250 X 12

185 X 14

215 X 14

140 X 16

160 X 16

185 X 16

120 X 17

140 X 17

160 X 17

185 X 17

215 X 17

250 X 17

300 X 17

350 X 17

425 X 17

450 X 17

500 X 17

140 X 18

160 X 18

185 X 18

215 X 18

250 X 18

160 X 19

185 X 19

160 X 21

185 X 21

250 X 17

300 X 17

350 X 17

425 X 17








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